Here are some of our gorgeous All-Star Aussies and Past Puppies in their new homes!

This page will be updated in the future to include many wonderful updates, letters, and photos I have received from happy families over the years with our three litters of puppies.  For now, I wanted to start this page with this wonderful letter I received from the Fase family after Lacie went home.  More to come later, keep checking back!
Lacie with her new family!

Dear Sarah:

    First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your selecting us for the recipient of Lacie. We are S-o-o-o-o PLEASED, words do not express how much we love Lacie and appreciate all the work you did with her prior to bringing her to us. I have had a number of dogs since my childhood, but never one that assimilated into our home as easily as Lacie has. It has been only 48 hours, and she is definitely "at home" in "our home" She is so-o-o good natured, and minds perfectly. She has slept both nights without any signs or sounds of being "home sick" or missing her prior family and home. This speaks tons about how well you prepare the pups for the transition into a new home. My previous experience took almost a full week with an alarm clock in their bed to simulate the heart beat of the mother. You have an in-depth understanding of the behavioral traits of the dogs and work with them accordingly. I can only tell you how much we appreciate the work you have done.

    From our side, instead of incurring a lot of work to get a new puppy through the transition into our home in the past, Lacie has been an immediate Joy, and seems to have accepted us similarly. When she sees us or hears us come near her crate or play pen, she immediately gets up and stands with her little tail wagging very fast waiting to be "picked up".  As you observed, she is immediately accommodated. She has already melted our hearts!

   You will receive a number of pictures of Lacie in the coming days and weeks, as I like to keep a record of her as she grows to her adult size.

   We found a crate identical to the one your brought her in yesterday. She spent the night in it and was PERFECT.

What a GREAT dog!!


Jack Fase