Toys, Toys, and More Toys! Doggie Sports here we come!

posted Jul 11, 2010, 12:43 AM by All-Star Mini Aussies

Starting at 3-4 weeks old, the puppies have been learning the essential skill of what is good to chew.  They have a wide variety of rubber chew toys, kong toys, rubber dumbbell toys, mini tennis balls, bouncy balls, mini floppy Frisbee, and bones in their play area.  When I see them chewing something they shouldn’t I just say no and give them one of their toys.  They quickly strut off with their new toy and chew that instead.  Good puppies!  I have also started them on treat stuffed kong toys so that they will be able to entertain themselves later when we start crate training.  Stuffed kong toys are a great way to entertain puppies when you are away or busy.  You can also freeze a treat mush in kong toys for longer lasting entertainment.  The puppies all willingly carry toys in their mouths and I am exposing them to these toys so that they are familiar with the behaviors and items found in doggie sports such as frisbee and flyball.  We are also working on retrieving behaviors so that they will want to fetch and bring toys back, also essential for frisbee and flyball.  

I have a small starter agility course in a box that includes a tunnel, weave poles, jump, hoop, and pause box.  I will expose the puppies to some or all of these agility items to get them familiar with agility equipment.  I will also start shaping desired agility behaviors with the puppies.  I plan to create a tiny puppy sized teeter totter, dog walk, and A-walk to get them familiar with walking on and over these types of obstacles.  If you want a head start in doggie sports, these puppies are going to be amazing performance competitors!!   I would love to see them get titles in dog sports!  Email me at to reserve your future star!