The Great Outdoors - Potty Training Continues

posted Jul 11, 2010, 12:41 AM by All-Star Mini Aussies

The puppies are continuing to potty train.  They now have free run of the kitchen, quite a big space, but about 80% of the time they will stop what they are doing and run over to the new puppy pad holder tray with newspaper in it and go potty!   Four of them are very good at using the new potty right, but one is still learning.   They wake up and go over to the potty to use it, and it is so cute to watch them stumble sleepily over there.  I have also started taking them outside a few times a day for very short durations.  They are starting to go potty outside now, so it should be an easy transition to get them to ask to go potty outside eventually!  They were unsure about going outside to play at first, but Rocky and Rosie were the first brave explorers.  Rocky loved being outside right away, and Rosie loved it very shortly after she saw how much fun he was having.  Bailey was the next to like going outside, and Riley is starting to like it as well.  Bella is still a little unsure about being outside, she would rather be indoors or be carried around (she is a bit of a princess).  Good thing she will be small!