5 week old Puppy Prodigies! They already know come, sit, and shake!

posted Jul 11, 2010, 12:47 AM by All-Star Mini Aussies   [ updated Jul 11, 2010, 12:53 AM ]

Because I did the early neurological stimulation with the puppies, they have been reaching developmental milestones faster.   Since they did so well with potty training, I began training the puppies to sit at only 4 weeks old.   I did this when I first introduced moistened puppy food.  Using the puppy food, I gently shaped their motions using the food so that they would follow the food and go into an automatic sit.  Then I gave them the food and gave lots of praise and pets.  The puppies loved this and caught on fast.  Pretty soon, I had 5 puppies sitting patiently around me waiting to be hand fed!  It was just so cute and I was very impressed and shocked that they figured out what I wanted them to do so fast!   They are such smart puppies!  Since then, I have been adding in the “come” command by getting them to follow me back and forth and praising and petting them when they come.   Then I have them sit when they reach me, thus combining the come and sit commands already!   Now at 5 weeks old they all know to come up to me and sit for pets and praise.  It is adorable!  This is teaching them good manners early on so that they won’t jump up on people.  Instead, they will use what they learned as young pups and come and sit waiting patiently for pets.  They also look up at you with their adorable puppy dog eyes as if to say “Look at me!  I came to you and sat!  I am such a good puppy!  Pet me please!”  It is too cute for words.  As if that were not amazing enough, all 5 of the puppies at the very young age of 5 weeks old already know how to shake paws too!!  This was very easy to shape because they started offering the shake paw behavior as soon as they learned how to sit.  So I just reinforced this behavior with praise, pets, and food.  Now, at 5 weeks old I just can’t believe my eyes!  I have such well behaved smart little puppies!  I call them over, they come, sit, and then I give them praise and pets, and ask them to shake paws.  They all love to shake!  Especially Bella, that is her favorite thing to show off!  She is just so dainty and precious, she is very sweet and precise about it.  It is soo cute!  Amazing!  They already know come, sit, and shake and they just turned 5 weeks old!!  They learned all these behaviors during their 4th week.  Wow!   Puppy prodigies!  Email me to reserve your pick puppy!  AllStarAussies@gmail.com