4 Weeks Old and Can Already Come, Sit, and Shake!

posted Mar 18, 2013, 3:13 AM by All-Star Mini Aussies   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 3:16 AM ]
New 4 week old pics are up on their individual pages! While the puppies were 4 weeks old, they all learned a lot! I worked a lot with them on not jumping up and not crying for attention so that they won't do this in their new home. When I first started, they would all jump up on the sides of their play pen and whine for attention. However, after training, they all now know to come over and sit and wait for attention quietly and they know they won't get any attention unless they do this.  They are so very patient and just sit there waiting quietly for their turn to get pets, praise, attention, and show off their tricks. It is really amazing that they can be so patient at such a young age! Also during 4 weeks old, I started shaping their behaviors and teaching their first basic commands: come, sit, and shake. Cooper was the first to learn how to come, sit, and shake at a mere 4 weeks old! Roxy learned how to come, sit, and shake next, followed by Teddy. All three of them are so people motivated and just love attention so they will do anything for pets and praise. They also moved from a small area with a bed and potty pad to a large place with a bed, toys, and a puppy pad holder that contained puppy pads. These weeks have been the most time intensive for potty training because when they move from the small space to the large space, they go from 90% accuracy in potty training to about 50% accuracy due to the over abundance of empty space and the distance of the potty pad. This means that I was cleaning up a lot of messes and changing a lot of puppy pads all day and night to help them stay clean and adjust to their new larger space with just one puppy pad in a holder to go potty on. Otherwise they would just rip up all the loose puppy pads because that's just what little puppies do. So now they are working their way back up to 90% accuracy again but still have misses sometimes. They also started eating water-soaked solid puppy food and they just love it. The food I feed is one of the best rated foods in terms of ingredients and healthiness. It has all the vitamins and nutrients that growing puppies need. The first few ingredients are whole meats including chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon. All of these nutrients and their early neurological stimulation helped them learn their first commands and tricks super early.  At 5 weeks old, they all now know come, sit, and shake and they just love to show off! Hopefully I will be able to get videos of them doing their tricks soon. I just put up individual pages for each puppy and their pages include a 2 week old puppy pics slideshow, a brand new 4 weeks old puppy pics slideshow, and a description about each puppy and their personality and traits. I have two other sets of puppy photos that I am working on getting up soon. One set is of them at 4.5 weeks playing with toys, and the other set is of their first time going outside to play at 5 weeks old. Hopefully I will have those up soon, until then enjoy their new 4 weeks old pics on their pages! Their training continues this week!  Click on their individual puppy pages to see their new 4 week old pics!