***Teddy - ADOPTED!

Teddy has been adopted!
Teddy is such a cute cuddle bear! He's been learning a lot with his advanced training and is ready to go home this weekend! He has learned these training commands: come, sit, shake, down, roll over, look, stay (30 seconds), let's go outside/inside, go potty, crate, on your bed, heel/let's go, turn, sit (when we stop), play fetch (sit, go get it, bring it to me, drop it, sit), no, off, leave it, wait, and ok (release command). He will go home fully potty trained, beginning leash trained, and beginning crate trained!  Watch his puppy training video below where he shows off all he knows!

Teddy Bear's Training Video


Teddy - Roses

Teddy has the laid back personality of Tuxie from our 2011 litter.  Teddy is a very sweet, laid back, calm, relaxed, cuddly, cute boy!  I always call him Teddy Bear because he is such a cute cuddly little bear.  He has tons of deep copper trim that is going to be absolutely stunning as he grows up!  He has a great personality and would love to be someone's best friend.  He seems like the kind of puppy that would love to accompany his people and be by their side.  He also seems like the kind of puppy that would like to cuddle or relax while watching tv.  He is very people motivated and loves attention.  He was the third puppy to learn how to come, sit, and shake at 4 weeks old.   Once he learned that it gets him attention, he was always sitting and waiting everytime I walked by their play pen.  He sits and waits patiently looking up at me with his sweet brown puppy dog eyes pleading for pets and praise.  He loves to show off his sit and shake tricks and revels in the attention he recieves.  He strikes me as a big sweet guy who just wants to relax and cuddle with his new best friend.  With all of his beautiful copper and matching white socks, he is going to be a very handsome boy!  His looks will be similar to Bailey of our 2010 litter.  If you are interested in adopting Teddy, please download and fill out the All-Star Mini Aussies Puppy Adoption Application below and email it to AllStarAussies@gmail.com.

Teddy - Easter Pics 8 Weeks Old


Teddy - 5 Weeks Old First Time Outside


Teddy - 2 Weeks Old

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