***Sophie - ADOPTED!

 Sophie has been adopted!  See the photo slideshow of her new adventures before she went home below!  

Sophie has been advanced trained and has also undergone training as a personal therapy comfort dog.  She has the most comforting, sweet, and calming presence.  She is the sweetest little girl and the calmest Mini Aussie puppy I have ever met. If you have ever wanted an Aussie but didn't want a hyper one, she is the girl! She is the epitome of calm! She is fully potty trained, fully crate trained, and fully leash trained. She is fully clicker obedience trained and she knows come, sit, shake, high five, down, roll over, stay, look, crate, on your bed, play fetch (go get it, bring it, drop it, sit), wait, ok (release command), no, off, leave it, heel, run, turn, sit when we stop, and leave it when we walk past a bike, dog, or person.  She has been on extensive socialization outings around the city and has been exposed to hundreds of people, many situations, places, and sounds.  She has been to parks, downtown, coffee shop, restaurant patios, cupcake bakery, the farmer's market, and more!  She heels great on the leash as she goes everywhere with you, and calmly lays down at your feet anywhere you stop to get coffee or lunch.  She has been exposed to and encountered hundreds of people from all walks of life, ethnicities, sizes, ages, and other languages.  She has met kids,

Sophie's New Adventures

adults, been exposed to outdoor sounds such as trucks going by, cars going by, dogs walking by and barking, kids running around screaming and playing, basketball dribbling, lots of people and kids on bikes, skateboards, and scooters zooming by, and a myriad of other sights, people, and sounds. She does a nice heel, doesn't pull, turns when you turn, runs when you run and then slows down, sits when you stop, and walks nicely past all kinds of distractions including barking dogs, people on bikes, scooters, skateboards, and everything else.  When you take her to a coffeeshop she won't bark at people, she calmly lays at your feet and watches people passing by until she falls asleep.  She can lay calmly at your feet for hours whether you are sitting at a restaurant, coffee shop, diner, at the beach, on the couch, working at home, take her to the office, or anywhere else you take her!  She also has an interesting habit that she will not go potty anywhere you take her, she will hold it for many hours and will wait until she gets home to go potty in her yard!  I took her all over the city and on many trips to places where we stayed for up to 4-5 hours at a time and she never once went potty anywhere we went.  This is great because you never have to worry about her having accidents or having to go potty anywhere you go, she will just wait until you get home to go.  At night she prefers to cuddle up close to you on the couch laying across your chest, on your lap, or laying upside down belly up next to you while you're on your laptop.  She will also come into the living room and automatically lay down on her bed beside the couch if she is not invited up on the furniture, she will lay on her bed for hours until she is released.  She calmly falls asleep

Sophie's Socialization Outings

watching tv with you as she lays on her bed like the most well behaved dog ever.  She has a HUGE amount of training for her young age!  She is trained better than a 1 year old dog that has been though many obedience classes and private lessons.  She would be a perfect therapy comfort dog for one person or one family, and the perfect candidate for passing the Canine Good Citizen CGC test.  She has received all three sets of 5 in 1 puppy shots, had health and wellness puppy vet exams, dewormer, and had a negative stool sample.  She is a small little girl and should mature to be a small Mini Aussie at 14-15 inches and 20-25 lbs. The perfect size to go everywhere with you!  She is very sensitive and picks up on the moods of people around her and acts to comfort you.  She can lay at your feet or lay in your lap for hours as you chat with a friend, and she will melt herself into your lap and fall asleep making you feel so calm and relaxed with her presence.  She can help you if you are going through a hard time with grief or illness, just need to relax, or just need a forever companion that will always be by your side.  She however, is not a dog that is going to run up wagging her tail and greet new people.  Sophie does not do that.  She will stay laying at your feet and accept when strangers go to pet her but with reticence, and she will accept when you pick her up and have her greet strangers that way but she still acts shy.  She does not bark at them, but she is shy and unsure when meeting and greeting strangers.  If you put her in a friend or strangers lap she will tremble at first but within 20-30 minutes or so she will melt into their lap and fall asleep as they pet her and talk to you.  She just needs time to gradually get used to new people.  Reservation with strangers is a typical Aussie trait, called for in the breed standard, and not uncommon.  She is reserved with strangers but will be the love of your life and your true and loyal companion forever.  If you don't mind this one personality quirk, she will be perfect for you!  You could take her everywhere with you and everyone will say how cute she is and how very well behaved she is.  She would love to cuddle with you on the couch every night, and go everywhere with you.  Sophie will love you forever and never leave your side.  She will be your forever best friend and comforting companion.  She has a sweet, calm, and comforting soul and presence.  She looks up at you with chocolate brown eyes that melt your heart and make you go "aww!"  Do you have a place in your heart and home for this very special girl?  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us!  AllStarAussies@gmail.com Download, fill out, and send over a completed All-Star Puppy Adoption Application at the bottom of this page to be considered as her forever home! 

Adorable Sophie's Puppy Training Video


Sophie's New Adventures Before Going Home

Sophie's Socialization Outings


Sophie Velvet

Sophie is the only puppy still available!  She is such an adorable, sweet, delicate, laid back, gentle, calm, and cute sweetheart!  She's been learning a lot with her advanced obedience training and is ready to go home next weekend! She already knows or has been learning these training commands: come, sit, shake, down, roll over, look, stay (30 seconds), let's go outside/inside, go potty, crate, on your bed, heel/let's go, turn, sit (when we stop), play fetch (sit, go get it, bring it to me, drop it, sit), no, off, leave it, wait, and ok (release command). She will go home fully potty trained, beginning leash trained, and crate trained!  She has a sweet face that makes you melt when she looks at you.  Do you have a place in your heart and home for Sophie?  Fill out and send in an adoption application (at bottom of page) if you are interested in her!

Sophie - Roses

Little Sophie looks exactly like her mom Lexi when she was a puppy!  She has the cutest puppy face ever!  She is the smallest girl and has adorable little features.  She has really pretty bright copper that is going to make her look even more beautiful as she grows up.  She likes to show off her sit and shake, and get attention and pets.  She can be shy sometimes, but with a little encouragement she comes over for pets and is very lovey and cuddly.  Once she comes over, she waits patiently for her turn to get attention looking up at me with the cutest face ever and sweet brown eyes.  She is a cutie pie and sweetie pie.   If you are interested in adopting Sophie, please download and fill out the All-Star Mini Aussies Puppy Adoption Application below and email it to AllStarAussies@gmail.com.  

Sophie - Easter Pics 8 Weeks Old


Sophie - 2 Weeks Old

All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 1:45 AM
All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 1:45 AM