***Roxy - ADOPTED!

Roxy has been adopted!
Roxy is always wagging her little tail so fast when she sees me!  She has the true Aussie wiggle butt and will exhuberantly greet you every time she sees you with her happy wagging tail!  She is an adorable and happy go lucky girl!  She also has a sweet sensitive side and could also do well as a therapy dog cheering people up with her fast happy wagging tail!  She's been learning a lot with her advanced training and is ready to go home this weekend!  She already knows or has been learning these training commands: come, sit, shake, down, roll over, look, stay (30 seconds), let's go outside/inside, go potty, crate, on your bed, heel/let's go, turn, sit (when we stop), play fetch (sit, go get it, bring it to me, drop it, sit), no, off, leave it, wait, and ok (release command). She will go home fully potty trained, beginning leash trained, and beginning crate trained!

Roxy - Roses

Roxy is full of personality!  She is adorable and she's always wagging her little tail and Aussie wiggle butt so fast when she sees me!  She is very people focused and people motivated, and she and Cooper were the first puppies to learn come, sit, and shake at 4 weeks old.  Roxy and Cooper were motivated at this early age solely by attention, pets, and praise and therefore will be easy to train with these reinforcers.  Whenever I walk by their play pen, she is always sitting waiting to be petted and looking up at me with the cutest look ever!  She also tilts her head to listen as you speak, just like her dad Toby.  I love this trait and find it absolutely adorable.  She is very responsive and into being with people and checking out what everyone is doing.  During her first play time outside at 5 weeks old, she was very confident and explored all over the yard.  I think she would love to have her own person that she can be with all day or most of the time, and will want to be a big part of your daily life and action.  She strikes me as the best friend type of dog that will watch you intently, listen intently, and want to be by your side and will always be wagging her tail so fast!  She is very intelligent, and always seems to be watching, listening, analyzing, and thinking about what is going on around her.  She learned come, sit, and shake at 4 weeks old and absolutely loves to show this off everytime I walk by.  She will sit there and wait ever so patiently, looking up at me pleading with her adorable face and puppy dog eyes for me to reach down and pet her.  Her eyes are lighter colored than the other tris, and they almost look green so I think she will have very pretty light brown or amber eyes, possibly with a greenish tint.  She is just too cute!  She wants to be someone's best friend and explore the world with them by their side!   If you are interested in adopting Roxy, please download and fill out the All-Star Mini Aussies Puppy Adoption Application below and email it to AllStarAussies@gmail.com.

Roxy - Easter Pics 8 Weeks Old


Roxy - 5 Weeks Old First Time Outside


Roxy - 4 Weeks Old


Roxy - 2 Weeks Old

All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 4:42 AM
All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 4:42 AM