***Lacie - ADOPTED!

Lacie has been adopted!
    Lacie went home to Westlake Village after staying here for a few weeks of extra training! She went home knowing come, sit, shake, down, look, stay (30 seconds), let's go outside/inside, go potty, crate, on your bed, heel/let's go, turn, sit (when we stop), play fetch (sit, go get it, bring it to me, drop it, sit), no, off, leave it, wait, and ok (release command). She went home fully potty trained, beginning leash trained, and beginning crate trained!  She learned all this by 11 weeks old!  Wow!  Watch her training video below where she shows off what she knows!

Lacie's Training Video


Lacie - Roses

Lacie is the perfect blue merle girl that everyone is searching for.  She has exotic blue merle markings, pretty bright copper, a full white collar, a nice white blaze, and two beautiful bright blue eyes.  She has the sweetest personality and is so delicate and gentle.  Her features are all very delicate and make her look so dainty and beautiful.  She can be a little shy but she is very loving and very sweet.  Before when I would come over to the play pen, she would usually stay laying down wherever she was and just wait for me to come over to her while most of the other puppies were running over to me to sit and shake for pets and praise.  She would just lay where she was and watch from afar, and once I would go over to her she would sit and shake and love all the attention but it just isn't something she boldly seeks.  Instead, she quietly makes her way into your heart and melts you with her gentle sweetness.  I have been working with her on being less shy and now she will get up and come over with all the other puppies and seek attention but it is still in a gentle sweet way.  She is very observant, and when I took them out for their first outside play time at 5 weeks old, she just laid next to me the whole time watching all the other puppies play.  I was petting her most of the time and she was content to lay there next to me, and didn't feel the need or desire to go off and explore.  She was quietly observing and checking everything out, and then after about an hour she felt sure enough to go off and play and explore with the other puppies.  She is the most beautiful little blue merle girl and is going to be the most exotic and beautiful looking girl as she grows up.  I think she will look a lot like her dad Toby and will also look like Bentley from our 2011 litter.  He is absolutely stunning now, superbly handsome!  I think she is going to be his beautiful twin!  She is such a beautiful sweetheart.  If you are interested in adopting Lacie, please download and fill out the All-Star Mini Aussies Puppy Adoption Application below and email it to AllStarAussies@gmail.com.

Lacie - 5 Weeks Old First Time Outside


Lacie - 2 Weeks Old

All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 4:08 AM
All-Star Mini Aussies,
Mar 24, 2013, 4:08 AM