***June 2011 Puppies!!***


June 2011 Puppies Showing Off Their Tricks!

***Update 8/10/11:  Check out the new individual puppy pages now up with info, photos, and individual training videos for Bentley, Gracie, Harley, Max, Milo, Taylor, and Tuxie!  I also added two new videos below.***
     We have exciting news!!  Our new All-Star Mini Aussies litter of puppies arrived on June 18th, 2011!!  International Champion Toby and Lexi had 7 beautiful puppies!!  There are 5 blue merles, and 2 black tris!!  We even got an exotic looking harlequin blue merle!!  This litter consists of 6 little boys and 1 little blue merle baby girl!!  They have been raised the same way as the previous litter, with the Early Neurological Stimulation Program (also called the Bio Sensor or Super Dog Program).  This early stimulation has made them very advanced just like the previous litter.  In fact, they seem to be even more advanced than the first litter!  These gorgeous puppies will be trained just like the first litter to come, sit, shake, and lay down!  Other advanced tricks they will be taught are high five, wave, and roll over!  These are all of the obedience commands and tricks that the first litter learned by 8 weeks old and I expect no less from these amazing babies!  At the very young age of 3 weeks old, turning 4 weeks, they are already mostly potty trained to go potty on puppy potty pads!  Now the first thing they do when they wake up is walk over to the puppy pads and go potty!  It is so cute to see such tiny puppies be able to do this so well!  They have been so loved and spoiled over the past 3 weeks!  They get cuddles and kisses all day long in between napping and feeding times.  They just love getting petted, kissed, and cuddled!   They already give puppy kisses back too!  So cute!  If they are sleeping and I go over and talk to them, they all instantly wake up and look up at me, and then run over to me wanting to get petted - it is the most adorable thing ever!  If I move away from them and call them over, they all come running up to me and climb into my lap for cuddles!  They are just the cutest little puppies ever!  I have a video below showing them all sleeping in a row, then I start talking to them, they instantly wake up, I call them over, and they all start running towards me and climb into my lap!  So they have already started the very beginning of their training and real training will start this week!  I have already got some of them to come, sit, and shake.  This is shaping of future desired behaviors, that I will then pair with commands later.  They are so smart and I expect great things from them!  I just adore these puppies so much! 
    For everyone on the waiting list, I will be emailing you shortly with a puppy application!   Or if you don't want to wait, I have also attached the All-Star Mini Aussies Puppy Adoption Application at the bottom of this page.  I have attached a Word .doc format and a PDF version.  If you want to adopt one of our puppies, please download and fill it out in detail and then email it to us at AllStarAussies@gmail.com  Thank you! 
     Below is a picture slideshow of the puppies napping after playtime, and a video showing how they wake up and come when called already!

June 2011 Puppies at 3 Weeks Old!!


June 2011 Puppies!!

Here are a couple new videos of the puppies as a group at 6 weeks old.  They have only been trained individually so far, so this was the first time they were all together and attempting come and sit as a group.  I just wanted to show all the puppies together so you can see how cute they all are at 6 weeks old!  At 6 weeks they don't yet have the patience to wait for the treat as a group or will to resist playing in a group.  This will come with age and practice as seen in the 8 week video from last year's litter.  This is a good start!  They are perfect on their commands individually and you can see those individual training videos on each of their puppy pages!
     Below is a reminder of how well these puppies will be trained by 8 weeks old!  These are the 5 beautiful black tri puppies from our first litter last year!  By the time they were 8 weeks old, they were all trained to come, sit, shake, high five, wave, lay down, and roll over!  WOW!!  This new litter will be trained to do the same!  The first video is of 8 week old Bailey showing off all his tricks with perfect focus and precision despite numerous distractions all around him!   

Bailey Showing Off His Tricks at 8 Weeks Old!


Last Year's Litter Showing Off Their Tricks!

For more information, or to get on our waiting list for future litters, please contact us at AllStarAussies@gmail.com