2010 Past Puppy Gallery

What does our 2010 litter of 5 beautiful black tris look like now?  Here's a new photos slideshow of them growing up happy in their new homes!

Past Puppies: Happy at Home!

**Update 7/18/2011 - Our new litter of 7 amazing puppies arrived on June 18th, 2011!!  Go check out their adorable photos, video, and information on the June 2011 Puppies page!!***  
**Update 5/15/11:  We are expecting our 2nd litter from International Champion Toby and Lexi at the end of June 2011!!  To get on our waiting list, please email me at AllStarAussies@gmail.com with the subject "June 2011 Waiting List" and what kind of puppy you are looking for, talk to you soon!  Enjoy the videos and photos of our 1st litter below!
     Here is a video of our 1st litter from last year doing all their puppy tricks at 7 weeks old!  By 8 weeks old, they were all potty trained and knew how to come, sit, shake, high five, wave, lay down, and roll over!! WOW!**

Adorable All-Star Mini Aussie Puppies Do Tricks At 7 Weeks Old!

     Here is Bailey (now Bogie), showing off all his tricks at 8 weeks old right before he went home with his new family!  He does come, sit, shake, high five, wave, lay down, and roll over with perfect focus and precision despite the numerous distractions all around him!  Good boy, Bailey!!

All-Star Bailey The 8 Week Old Mini Aussie Puppy Shows Off His Tricks!

   Update - 8/24/10:  Hi Everyone!  Just a quick update to let you know that all five amazing puppies have been adopted and I do not have any puppies available until next year.  All of the puppies got the absolute perfect home for each of their individual personalities.   I am so happy that they all went to such wonderful and loving families!  I miss them dearly but I know they are getting the absolute best care, love, and attention in their new homes.  By the time they all went home they were all potty trained, and trained to come, sit, shake, lay down, high five, roll over, and wave!  Wow!  I will have videos up of them doing their tricks on youtube soon so keep checking back!
    If you are still interested in one of my amazing, smart, beautiful, and trained puppies, you can get on my waiting list for my next litter (I only have 1 litter per year).  I expect to have blue merles and black tris and somewhere between 4-10 puppies.  I am planning for my next litter to be in about a year, next summer.  I am a teacher and have summers off, so I will wait until next summer so I can once again devote all my time to properly raising and training the next litter of puppies!  If you don't mind waiting, email me soon to get on the waiting list.  I already have a few people in line!  Email me at AllStarAussies@gmail.com  and let me know what type of puppy you would like to wait for (gender, coat color) and what job the puppy will have (family companion, therapy dog, doggie sport competitor (agility, frisbee, flyball, etc), show champion, or breeding.  That way when the time comes I can properly match the puppies to their new homes!  AllStarAussies@gmail.com with title "Waiting List"  Thanks!  Scroll down to see our first amazing litter of beautiful and trained puppies below!
     MAC All-Star's October Sky(Toby)  x  Francis All-Star's Midnight Shadow(Lexi)

                                     Toby's Pedigree                                  Lexi's Pedigree

              16"    28 lbs
   International Champion
                14"   25 lbs

     On June 3rd, we were blessed with five beautiful Mini Aussies by Toby x Lexi.  There are two girls and three boys.  They all have such beautiful and perfect markings!  They all have full white collars, wide blazes, and four white socks!  Very pretty and perfect markings that you don't see very often!  A $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your pick puppy from this exceptional litter!  All puppies will be started on potty training, crate training, and leash training.  They will also be exposed to agility equipment, frisbees, and tennis balls.  By the time your puppy goes home at 8 weeks old, they will be trained to come, sit, shake, and lay down!  Imagine taking home your adorable 8 week old puppy, telling him to sit, and he already knows how!  Please email me at AllStarAussies@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting one of these exceptional trained puppies!

New Pics!  Pictured at 6 weeks old, they are just so cute!!
Rosie, Riley, Bailey, Rocky, Bella
 The order of pictures below by row:
Rosie, Bella, Bailey, Rocky, Riley

Pics at 5 days old
Bella - Black Tri Female with full white collar, white blaze, and white socks.  She is very cute and has pretty markings!  She is tiny and petite.  She looks like a good show prospect!  She has spunk and determination so she will be a good performance competitor or family companion.

Rosie  - Black Tri Female with full white collar (may become half collar), white blaze, and white socks.  She is the tiniest puppy in the litter and very cute with pretty markings!  She is so cute and little, but has a very nice head.  She is very mellow and sweet so would make a great active family companion or therapy dog.

  - Black Tri Male with full white collar, white blaze, and white socks.  He has tons of beautiful copper and very pretty markings.  His markings, great bone, and beautiful head make him a gorgeous show prospect!  He has great potential to be anything you want - companion, competitor, or champion!

  -  Black Tri Male with full white collar, white blaze, and white socks.  He is stocky with great bone and a big beautiful head.  He is gorgeous and should be a good show prospect!  He is very laid back and mellow so he would also make a great active family companion or therapy dog.

Riley  -  Black Tri Male with a full white collar, cute half white face, and white socks.  Even though he has a little extra white, he is very cute and striking!  He has a lot of spunk, determination, and personality so he would make a perfect performance prospect or active family companion.
Below are updated pictures of the puppies.  They are two to three weeks old in these photos.  They get cuter every day!

Their eyes are open now!
The boys: Riley, Bailey, and Rocky