About Us

    All-Star Mini Aussies is a breeder of high quality trained Miniature Australian Shepherds in Southern California.  We strive to raise the best companions, competitors, and champions!  Our Mini Aussies make great companions for active families and individuals.  All-Star Mini Aussies also make great competitors for dog performance sports such as frisbee, obedience, agility, herding, and flyball.   We breed according to the breed standard and strive to create Mini Aussies that are beautiful, healthy, and structurally correct.

    Both of our breeding dogs are first and foremost family pets that are loved, well trained, and adored. They spend most of their day inside the house and by our side.  All puppies are raised with love inside our home.  We believe that the way puppies are raised and socialized during their first 8 weeks of life is essential to a well rounded and well grounded adult dog.  Our puppies are handled and socialized daily from birth, and undergo a neurological stimulation program.  They begin potty training at 4 weeks old, and will begin obedience clicker training at 6 weeks old.  By the time your puppy comes home at 8 weeks old, your puppy will have started potty training, crate training, leash training, and will already be clicker trained to come, sit, shake, and lay down!  There are no other Mini Aussie breeders that offer a trained puppy at 8 weeks old!   Imagine taking your adorable 8 week old puppy home, telling him sit and he already knows how!