**Sept 2013 Puppies!**

Here is a video of the puppies at 5 weeks old!  They are being adorable playing and also coming and shaking paws at only 5 weeks old!  They are just too cute!  The black tris are Joey, Alex, Tommy, and Molly.  The blue merles are TJ, Lucie, and Skylah.  You can see their individual photo slideshows and links to their photo albums below their baby pics.  They are just too adorable!

Puppies Playing and Shaking Paws at 5 Weeks Old!

We had 7 beautiful new puppies born on September 9th, 2013!!  Their mom is Lexi and their dad is International Champion Toby!  There are 3 black tri boys, 1 black tri girl, 1 harlequin blue merle girl, 1 blue merle girl, and 1 blue merle boy!  They are all very happy and healthy little puppies!  If you are interested in adopting one of these adorable puppies, please download, fill out, and submit a detailed All-Star Puppy Adoption Application to us at AllStarAussies@gmail.com (see below). If you have previously submitted an application, just let us know you have already submitted one and tell us which puppy or puppies you are interested in from this litter.  Our goal is always to match up the puppies with the right families via their personalities.  All applications submitted will be considered as potential matches for the puppies specified as their personalities emerge.  These puppies will be trained the same way as our previous litters.  By 8 weeks old they will be potty trained and clicker obedience trained to come, sit, shake, and lay down!  Additional training is available such as crate training, leash training, and advanced obedience training and socialization.  We will be starting a VIP Puppy Training program that some of the puppies will continue on into and these puppies will be available for adoption fully trained at an older age, like Sophie from our last litter.  See below for puppy training videos!  Get your application in now to be considered for adoption of these beautiful champion sired and trained puppies!  

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Here is the full photo album slideshow with tons of pics of these adorable cutie pies at 6 days old!  If you can't see the photos below, click here for the photo album.  For a direct link to the picasa slideshow, click here.

New September 2013 Puppies!! 6 Days Old

The puppies when they had just turned 4 Weeks Old!

The puppies playing with their new toys at 5 weeks old!

More pics at 5 weeks old!

Puppies - 5 Weeks Old


The puppies at 8 weeks old!

Puppies - 8 Weeks Old

More at 8 weeks old!

They are raised in the master suite and all follow me around and flop out like this when I'm at the sink or on the bed.  They are so well behaved!  Good puppies!

New Puppy Pics

ALEX - Available!

Here is a video of Alex showing off his tricks and training in his adorable holiday tie!  He does come, sit, shake, high five, wave, down, look, and roll over!  He is potty trained, crate trained, and clicker obedience trained!

Alex Puppy Training Video Wearing A Holiday Tie


Joey - 5 Weeks Old

Here is a video of Joey showing off his tricks and training!  He does come, sit, shake, high five, wave, down, look, and roll over!

Joey Puppy Training Video



The Twins - Molly and Tommy!


TJ (Toby Junior)


Puppies Outside Pics!  These show how truly gorgeous this litter is turning out to be.  Even in the middle of the 'puppy uglies' stage they are still stunning and exceptional!  They are going to be such beautiful dogs!  Joey is adopted, Alex is available trained now, and others will be available trained later.  Put in your adoption applications now to be considered for adoption of these beautiful pups!

Puppies Outside

Here are some videos below showing how well trained our previous puppies were before they went home!  We can cater their training to your specific wants and needs!  They can come home fully potty trained, fully crate trained, fully leash trained, and fully advanced obedience trained with all three sets of puppy shots and socialization field trips out into the world!  This will be our VIP Puppy Training!  We also offer personal delivery of your puppy to your home with a 2 hour adoption appointment to go over all of their adoption paperwork and training!  Imagine a beautiful champion sired, fully trained puppy delivered to your home and ready to be a part of your family right away!  Submit your application today!  AllStarAussies@gmail.com 

Amazing 2011 All-Star Puppies Show Off Their Tricks!

Sophie Showing Off Her Training!

Teddy Showing Off His Training!

Cooper Showing Off His Training!

Lacie Showing Off Her Training!

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